King Air Charter has a wide range of corporate jets, turbo prop aircraft and helicopters to meet your requirements.

All flights are tailored to suit your needs. From the time of departure, to the catering you require onboard through to your final destination. Customer is “KING”.

For your convenience we have a dedicated charter specialist available on call 24-hours.

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King Air Charter provides Value Added Aircraft Leasing Services. We can provide the Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance (ACMI) for your operations.

This allows the customer to focus on the commercial aspects of the business, whilst we conduct air operations.

We have a fleet of Beechcraft King Air 200’s, Beechcraft 1900’s, HS125’s and helicopters available for lease.



Safety Policy Statement issued by the CEO of King Air Charter


  • To prevent accidents and eliminate damage or injury, King Air Charter will maintain an active Safety Management System. I fully support open sharing of information on all safety issues and encourage all Employees to report significant safety hazards and concerns. I pledge that no disciplinary action will be taken against any employee for reporting a safety hazard or concern to this company’s management team. I pledge also that no staff member will be asked to compromise our safety standards to “Get the job done”.
  • Safety is a fundamental corporate value of King air Charter, and we believe in providing our Employees and Customers with a safe and healthy environment. All employees must comply with this policy.
  • Our objective is the proactive management of identifiable risks and the elimination of injury to personnel and damage to equipment. To that end, we will continuously examine our operation for hazards and find ways to minimize them. We will report incidents, train staff on safety management, document our findings and our responses, and strive for continuous improvement.
  • Ultimate responsibility for safety at King Air Charter rests with me as Accountable Manager. Responsibility for making our operations safer for everyone lies with each one of us-from managers to front-line employees. Each manager is responsible for implementing the Safety Management System in his/her area of responsibility, and will be held accountable to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to prevent incidents and accidents.